What is Hypochlorous Acid?

Hypochlorous Acid (HOCL) is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies and the same chemical our white blood cells use to fight bacteria. A group of British scientists have developed the technology to produce a nature identical HOCL using electricity, salt and water.

It kills 99.999% of bacteria on contact, it poses no risk to animals or humans and is readily biodegradable and environmentally friendly.

How effective is it?

Very! It genuinely stops germs in their tracks. That includes things like E-coli, Norovirus, MRSA and influenza. It has been independently laboratory tested and proven to be effective against (but not limited to) bacteria, bacterial endospores, fungi, viruses, yeasts and moulds.

List of Viruses this product has been tested against:

Adenovirus type 4
Bacteriophage MS2
Hepatitis A & B
Herpes type 1
Infectious bronchitis
Influenza including H1N1, H5N1 and H7N9
MS2 virus
Norovirus (Human and Murine)
Polio enterovirus 1 & 2


The Wild & Wilful Sanitiser is not specifically tested against 2019-nCoV – no disinfectant is – but it is tested and efficacious against a wide range of microorganisms including spores, bacteria and other viruses (enveloped and non-enveloped) leading to the reasonable conclusion that it will be effective.

Why haven't I heard of it before
Hypochlorous acid has been around for a long time. In the early 1900’s during the World Wars, HOCl solutions were used for disinfecting medical equipment and dressing wounds. However, until recently, HOCl solutions would only remain stable for about 90 minutes before turning back into salt water. Our team of scientists have worked tirelessly to produce genuinely stable hypochlorous acid with a full and effective shelf life of 12 months.
Why should I choose this Anti-Bac spray and not other cheaper options?
  • Its effectiveness is bombproof. Seriously. Millions of pounds have been spent developing the technology, testing it and making it safe, stable and compliant.
  • It has been tested in independent UK laboratories and leading universities.
  • It fully complies with rigorous EU biocide regulations (BPR compliant – EU528/2012) which is the legal requirement for sales of this type of product.
  • It is 5 times the strength of some other brands without compromising how gentle it is.
  • It has a shelf life you can trust.
  • As hypochlorous acid is sensitive to UV rays, it is packaged in appropriate UV protected bottles. The bottles have themselves been tested rigorously and are of the highest standard.
Is it safe for frequent use?

Absolutely! It can be used as much as you desire, whether that be on sensitive baby skin or surfaces you regularly use. No gloves necessary, no rinsing necessary. Frequent usage will proactively create a safe and healthy environment for the whole family. 

Is it ok to use after the the 12 month shelf life?

Yes. The spray has been tested for 100% effectiveness for up to 12 months. From that point it will very slowly deteriorate but is completely safe to use.  

What is the PH?

The Anti-Bac Spray has a neutral PH of 6.5-7, which means it won’t sting even on sensitive skin.

How should it be stored?

Store out of direct sunlight. Transferring the contents is not recommended. 

Where is it made?

Our Anti-Bac spray is 100% British, produced in the UK for Wild and Wilful Ltd.