My name is Imogen. In 2006 I met a gorgeous windsurfer in Tarifa who whisked me away from my 9 to 5 job in London and showed me a life on the road in his old VW camper. We travelled and worked through Spain, bought an old wreck of a house in France and had our little boy take his first steps through the vineyards of the Languedoc. Although settled back in the UK it’s no surprise that travel continues to inspire and inform everything that we do.

Staying hygienic whilst on the road with two young children presented a particular challenge over the years. From disgusting public toilets to numerous nappy changes al fresco. My quest to make the perfect sanitising product started in the kitchen and ended with an amazing group of British Scientists who paved the way to a revolution in hygiene.

The brand name Wild & Wilful was inspired by the children’s author Shirley Hughes who writes about the ‘wild and wilful wind’ in one of her poems. And its this feeling of being wild and free and determined, the natural quality of young children, that continues to inspire.